Convenient, Safe Online Virtual Consult Available Through Downtown Dental Services

Thanks to modern technology, Downtown Dental Services can now offer a variety of dental services from a distance. Instead of heading to the emergency room or trying to find time for an office visit, you can receive convenient dental care and advice over your computer or smartphone! Dr. Lu and his team provide these teledentistry services:

  • Answers for your dental questions and concerns
  • Help with dental emergencies such as pain, swelling, or broken teeth
  • Second opinions

With teledentistry, you’re able to avoid the waiting room and office altogether while still receiving an examination and evaluation from Dr. Lu. We are happy to make teledentistry available using:

Connect with Facetime Connect with Skype Connect with Zoom

Schedule online or contact us today at (216) 696-1441 to learn more about teledentistry with Downtown Dental Services. Then, grab your smartphone or boot up your computer and get ready to smile!

Downtown Dental Services strictly follows HIPAA regulations to protect patients’ privacy. Please refer to the latest HIPAA rules for teledentistry.