Teeth Whitening

Cleveland Dentist

Whiter TeethWhile it is not uncommon to have stained or yellow teeth, many people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth and hide their smile. This is unfortunate. At Downtown Dental Services, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable with their smile and have no hesitation in showing their grin to the world.

To help you brighten your smile, we have several teeth whitening options. Call us at (216) 696-1441 for a consultation, and we will be happy to help you find one to fit your unique needs.

For Mild Staining

Maybe you’re a coffee drinker. Perhaps you enjoy an occasional glass of red wine. It could be that stains have built up from simply enjoying everyday foods. Whatever the reason, Opalescence Go is a convenient, at-home method of brightening your teeth. This pleasant-tasting solution is a professional-strength alternative to drugstore products, and you only need to wear it for less than two hours a day.

For Moderate Staining

Moderate teeth staining is not uncommon among older adults or heavy tea or coffee drinkers. For these patients, we provide Opalescence Boost, an in-office treatment. The treatments are largely effective at lightening moderate staining and use no hot lamps or lights. Each treatment takes less than an hour.

For Severe Staining

Some patients have heavy yellow or brown teeth staining that simply does not respond to milder treatments. This could be due to years of smoking or even from medications like certain antibiotics. The KöR whitening system can help. This product is a cold gel, applied at home with no lights or lasers. Patients have reported no or little discomfort from this whitening process.