Emergency Care

Cleveland Dentist

Emergency Dentist in ClevelandWho can wait around days for a dentist’s appointment when suffering from tooth pain or a dental infection? We care about our patients, and that means we are concerned about both their oral health and pain. This is why we offer same-day emergency appointments for anyone in the Downtown Cleveland area.

  • Lose a tooth due to an injury or accident?
  • Are you experiencing severe dental pain?
  • Do you think you may have an infected tooth?
  • Did a filling or crown come off?
  • Did you have a tooth crack?

We have you covered at Downtown Dental Services. Our dentists will provide you with immediate pain relief and address your issue as soon as possible – the same day. It does not matter if you need a tooth extracted or a more complex procedure like a root canal. Simply call (216) 696-1441 and let us know the problem.