Crowns and Bridges

Cleveland Dentist

Great-Looking Crowns

Dental CrownSometimes a tooth has simply had too much. Decay and trauma can cause a tooth to become unstable and subject to cracking. Even with fillings, there is only so much a tooth can take before it becomes susceptible to decay or tooth loss. This is where a quality crown comes in.

A crown caps your tooth, providing structural integrity. This strengthening can prevent infection or even keep you from losing the tooth altogether. A crown also provides an aesthetic appearance, covering cracks, fillings, and other problems.

Bridges for Tooth Loss

A bridge attaches to nearby natural teeth or dental implants to replace a missing tooth. The prosthetic tooth goes in the missing tooth’s space and is held steady by the adjacent remaining teeth. Bridges are important not just for cosmetic reasons, but because leaving a gap in your smile can cause other teeth to become crooked.

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