Cosmetic Veneers & Crowns

Cleveland Dentist

Dr. Lu explaining treatment to patientAre your teeth generally healthy and intact, but you have concerns about a damaged-appearing smile? We can help! Time can ravage your teeth, and while restorative dentistry can address the physical damage, sometimes you need cosmetic procedures to get the smile you desire.

At Downtown Dental Services, we work with you to meet your cosmetic dental goals. Dr. Lu has received advanced training in Aesthetic Excellence and is extremely experienced in cosmetic dental procedures. We can even show you the expected results before any procedure begins.

Cosmetic Veneers

Cosmetic veneers can effectively solve several problems at once – unsightly tooth gaps, chips, and cracks. These thin polymer layers are placed over your teeth. Think of it as a new coat of paint on a weathered house. The procedure is fast and comfortable.

Cosmetic Crowns

A cosmetic crown is like a “hug” for your tooth. Crowns cover damaged or unattractive teeth that may draw the eye. Once your crowns are installed, the only thing people will notice is your dazzling smile.

We offer FREE consultations for cosmetic dental procedures. Call (216) 696-1441 now to contact our Cleveland office to take advantage of this offer.