Cavity Detection & White Fillings

Cleveland Dentist

High-Tech Cavity Identification

Dr. Lu with child patientMost dentists use x-rays and visual examinations to detect cavities. While we certainly also make use of these techniques at Downtown Dental Services, our dentists additionally employ a high-tech tool – the DEXIS CariVuTM,

The CariVu is a completely non-invasive, small handheld device. It emits only light – no radiation. Your dentist can use the CariVu to highlight cavities, cracks, and other decay and injuries on your teeth. There is absolutely no pain and no radiation.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Of course, if a cavity is discovered, you are likely going to need a filling. Fillings are crucial for preventing the spread of decay and other problems like infection and bone loss. Still, no one wants a mouth full of gray metal, especially if you have a cavity in a prominent location.

To avoid this problem, we offer composite fillings. Fillings made of composite material are an off-white, tooth color. In other words, these fillings are very inconspicuous and do not stand out. In fact, pretty much only your dentist will know it’s there!

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